Background & Objetives

Around the world there are many activities ongoing in the Future Internet area including among others, the current limitations of the Internet and evolution perspectives in the next 10 years; new service concepts; new Future Internet architectures; the potential domains of applications and content; policies and regulatory issues on Future Internet; economic models and social impacts of the Future Internet, trends in technology, services, media, entertainment, content, trust and security and visionary topics such as the Internet of things and the Internet of services.

The Latin American Summit on Future Internet aims to raise awareness about the potential that offers the Future Internet for social and economic development in the region, throughout the dissemination and transfer of knowledge about policy, legal, regulatory, technologic and socio economic aspects that are required in Latin America and the Caribbean for an harmonized design and development of the Future Internet and the analysis of subjects related to research, development, and innovation that are currently discussed around the world.

The goal of this summit is to bring together professionals from the governments, universities and industries of the different economic sectors of Latin American and the Caribbean, with a number of international experts and industrial and scientific staff from Europe and other developed countries to jointly examine how to optimize the opportunities and challenges of the region on Future Internet.


Policy makers, delegates from the various governments and regulatory agencies in Latin America; operators and equipment providers; angel investors; developers of applications, games and content; entrepreneurs and businessman; marketing and digital business strategists; researchers, and, in general, professionals of the different economic sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean interested in the prospects, opportunities and challenges arising from the development of the Future Internet.