Summit Topics

The summit will call upon key international experts from Europe and other developed countries as key note speakers to present regulatory, technical, social and economic sessions, tutorials and discussion panels on Future Internet. Potential sessions include, but are not limited to:

A more detailed description about these topics include:
  • Challenges and opportunities on Future Internet. This session will present the view of keynote speakers about the challenges and opportunities to have an open, transparent and participative Future Internet.
  • Perspectives on Future Internet. This session will describe from various perspectives (political, regulatory, technical and socio-economic) the critical aspects, business opportunities and challenges that the Future Internet will bring about.
  • Future Internet Architecture and Smart Infrastructure. This session will present the design principles and architectural challenges for the adoption of the Future Internet Architecture and how the Future Internet Architecture will meet the emerging challenges of the society in terms of health and transport services, climate change and sustainability, among others.
  • The Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Visionary topics such as the IoS, IoT and Big Data are fundamental issues that need to be addressed in this session. Specifically, this session will present the concepts and strategies begin these topics as well as the key enablers in all aspects of IOT and IOS.
  • Policies and regulation on Future Internet in the developed countries. This session is intended to present key objectives in terms of innovation, competitiveness, progresses and implementation of the European Digital Agenda and the role that the Future Internet will be called upon to play with it. Digital Agendas of a selected group of developed countries will be presented as well to analyse the different objectives and ambitious targets considered.
  • Economic and social impacts of the Future Internet. This session aims to present the human side of the Future Internet and how it will shape the social, economic and context awareness of what the Internet will offers, from the users’ perspective. Key topics such as privacy, intellectual property, education, the economy of the data and new business model for the Future Internet will be discuss within this session.
  • Future Internet perspectives in Latin America. This session aims to present the visions about the Future Internet in the region from different perspectives (governments, universities and industries). Key players of the different economic sectors of Latin America will be selected to present their visions.

Important Dates

Contributions from policy makers, scientists, researchers, strategists, and professionals from government, industry and academy directly involved in areas that will impact the development of the Future Internet are welcomed. Please  consider contributing and  encouraging other colleagues and fellows to contribute with academic sessions, tutorials, panels, workshops for the Latin American Summit on Future Internet.

Abstract Submission Date: June 1st, 2012.

Notification of Acceptance Date: June 10th, 2012

Final presentation Submission Date: July 10th, 2012